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Michael Culture Association (Aisbl - Belgium) is an European trans-domain devoted to European digital cultural heritage valorisation. It gathers a strong network of more than 100 public and private organizations from all over Europe. Key actor in the promotion and valorization of the digital cultural content, Michael Culture develops tools and services for cultural institutions and the general public. Linked to other major European cultural heritage networks and projects such as Europeana, Europe's Digital Library, Michael Culture Association supports European and national cultural policies. It also aims at enhancing the network of European professionals working on digital cultural heritage and advocating for DCH.

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MUSEU-HUB is a reference point for European museums and other cultural institutions hosting museum collections in the field of digital cultural heritage and aggregation for Europeana.

It provides services, good practices, training, help-desk, documentation, updating on digitisation, standards, aggregation, IPR and reuse, multilingualism and terminologies, digital exhibitions, digital storytelling tools.

Museu is managed by Michael Culture.

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In our Newsletter you will find news about MCA , Members and Partners as well as news related to EU events and policies.


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Michael Culture Association has now a YouTube Channel!

Watch the records of our workshops and webinars HERE

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Today the project partners of “Amplify: Make the Future of Europe Yours,” submit their visions and recommendations to the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) platform, as a result of a series of community listening sessions organised in their local areas. Of the 6,115 ideas presented on the CoFoE platform so far, very few proposals come from the cultural sector. The #Amplify project calls on the cultural and creative ecosystem to engage on the CoFoE platform and bring visibility to the less represented voices.

The multilingual and digital CoFoE platform is the central hub to collect visions and ideas from people  on the Future of Europe. These contributions will determine the topics addressed at the Citizens’ Panels, a key feature of CoFoE. Citizens Panels convene 800 randomly chosen Europeans to jointly think about the future they want for the European Union. Through working sessions occurring now until January 2022, these panels will meet to discuss the key topics and ideas from the CoFoE online platform and present the outcome of their discussions and debate them with other participants in the Conference Plenary.

In order for culture to have a chance to be taken up in the Conference, Amplify recommendations need to be seen by as many people as possible. The methodology for CoFoE indicates that one important metric used to synthesise ideas from the platform is the number of endorsements and comments made with the posts made there. By endorsing and commenting on Amplify contributions you are supporting the role of underrepresented voices in the cultural sector at the Conference on the Future of Europe.

In order for Culture and its values to find their rightful place in the European debate and the CoFoE, support the recommendations published by the Amplify Hubs from different countries !

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We are proud to announce that WE Hope has selected its two artists to develop the public artwork driven by the stories housed within the project and due to premiere in October 2021 at Frequency international festival of digital culture in Lincoln, UK.

Zach Walker of Make Amplify will develop the visuals and interactivity. MakeAmplify is an award-winning collective of artists and technologists under the artistic directorship of Jennifer Irons and Zach Walker. They create spectacular outdoor and immersive events that connect people and transform public spaces, engaging communities and audiences in experiences that combine the physical, emotional and digital. Zach often focuses on the body, creating visuals that emote beyond language, ensuring that the work is open and has the potential to connect with any audience in any given space or location.

Alongside, acclaimed composer and vocal artist Juliet Russell will write and perform a musical and vocal score, accompanied by a local choir. Juliet’s music has been performed by Choirs to bhangra bands – heard in Cathedrals, Castles, Mayan temple sites and football stadiums. Her solo performances have spanned venues from the National Theatre rooftops to under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Through the creativity and the skills of the two artists, the WE Hope piece will adapt from a public installation to a live performance space. It will be premiered and tested on 28th October 2021 at the Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture.

More about WE-Hope at the Frequency Festival in Lincoln

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CRAFTED Kick-Off Meeting

The CRAFTED-2020 partners gathered in Athens on the first of October 2021 for the project Kick-Off meeting. The CRAFTED project aims to support the transfer of European crafts to future generations by aggregating, enriching and promoting tangible crafts heritage and preserving intangible skills and knowledge from craftsmen and artisans.
This project is a Europeana Generic Services project, and it is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.

The project aims to enable the preservation of both material and immaterial aspects of craftsmanship and thus ensure a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the communities and cultures from whom it belongs to. For this, the project will aggregate more than 186,000 new high-quality records that showcase tangible objects produced or used by artisans and document their immaterial context, such as techniques and knowledge. Additionally, it will upgrade over 26,000 records already existing in Europeana to an open license.


Last update about the NEW BAUHAUS (September 2021)

On September 15th, the European Commission provided additional information on the New European Bauhaus (NEB). The New European Bauhaus intends to translate the European Green Deal into tangible change on the ground that improves daily life, in buildings, in public spaces, but also in fashion or furniture.

In the report and its Annex, the EC presents the Report on the co-design phase ; the mobilisation of 85 million euros among existing EU programs such as ERDF and Creative Europe to finance the NEB ; and the NEB policy ecosystem.

The first edition of the NEB prizes has been celebrate with 20 winners selected on the base of the  three New European Bauhaus values: sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion.

  • Download the full communication here
  • Read about the NEWS BAUHAUS here  
  • Access to the NEB Award 2021 (replay) here

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Save the date The GLAMers workshop : November 11.

At the crossroads of 3 main concepts, Youth, the pandemic and GLAMs, The
GLAMers study aims to support the dialogue of Cultural Heritage institutions in their attempt to face COVID-19 related challenges by better engaging youth in their outreach activities. The GLAMers first output, "Practices of digitally mediated youth engagement in GLAMs during the pandemic", is now available as open access publication.

On October 13thn, the first  workshop on  "Youth audience engagement during COVID: digital ideas and methods from The GLAMers" focused on the implementation of digital  audience-engagement techniques toward youth audiences.

Save the date  ! The GLAMers' next workshop on  "Youth audience engagement during COVID: digital ideas and methods from The GLAMers" will take place on November 11.The GLAMers  partners will share their knowledge and insights through  case studies and hands-on exercices during this lively interactive  workshop. 


Registration information will be provided soon


4CH videos and newsletter (September 2021):

Two videos about the 4CH project were released, about "the aims of the project? - What is a Competence Centre?" and "Why a European Competence Centre for Cultural Heritage?". Discover them on 4CH Vimeo channel and stay tuned for the next short videos!
The next issue of 4CH newsletter was released! Subscribe to be informed about the last news about the project.

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News about MEMEX project: Policy Brief & Teasers !

July 2021

The first Policy Brief (PB) has just been released. It contains recommendations for policy and decision makers on the capacity building actions targeting social and cultural professionals involved in community engagement as key tool for inclusion.
The PB is available in various languages

Read the PB https://memexproject.eu/en/resources/policy-briefs

Discover the first stories created durong the workshops in the 3 Pilots !
The video teaser of the Barcelona, Lisboa and Paris stories are available on MEMEX Youtube channel. Stay tuned for the Paris teaser in august and the Lisbon teaser in september ! 


Contribute to the survey: Public consultation on a set of European Digital Principles until the 2nd of September!

Next to several other action points, the European Commission proposes under the chapter on ‘Digital Citizenship’ to formulate a set of digital principles that should shape Europe’s digital society in the European way. The consultation activities aim at collecting the views of all interested stakeholders.

MCA supports the contribution from SDEPS and the Statement published by Europeana ecosystem and contributed as well to the consultation by highlighting the hereby issues:

  • Digital Education should be a key component of digital principles and
    should be understood in a broad sense beyond technological skills;
    Ethics, Critical Thinking, Environmental issues are at the heart of a
    human-centered, inclusive and sustainable digital environment.
  • Digital sobriety: the principles of digital sobriety should be more developed in the digital principles both for professionals and for citizens.
  • Information about copyright, the use and reuse of contents should be more evident, clear and easily accessible.

More info


Following the CAE board elections in June, the board members have recently met and decided upon the new presidium.

Therefore Corinne Szteinsznaider, coordinator of Michael Culture, is joining the board presidium of Culture Action Europe as co-treasurer.

With renewed forces, CAE and its board are looking forward to continuing joint efforts to put culture at the heart of public debate and decision-making.

More info and full presidium on Culture Action Europe website


Porto Santo Charter

MCA was honoured to to co-chair a workshop of the Conference “From Democratization to Cultural Democracy: Rethinking Institutions and Practices” organised under the auspices of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, between the 27th and the 28th of April 2021. The Conference gathered 450 participants from 37 countries around the world.

More resources, including videos of the conference, will soon be posted online at https://portosantocharter.eu/ .

Read the charter HERE



Michael Culture Association | Brussels-Paris-Roma | Tél : +33 (0) 6 31 13 35 74 | contact@michael-culture.eu

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