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Michael Culture Association (Aisbl - Belgium) is an European trans-domain devoted to European digital cultural heritage valorisation. It gathers a strong network of more than 100 public and private organizations from all over Europe. Key actor in the promotion and valorization of the digital cultural content, Michael Culture develops tools and services for cultural institutions and the general public. Linked to other major European cultural heritage networks and projects such as Europeana, Europe's Digital Library, Michael Culture Association supports European and national cultural policies. It also aims at enhancing the network of European professionals working on digital cultural heritage and advocating for DCH.

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MUSEU-HUB is a reference point for European museums and other cultural institutions hosting museum collections in the field of digital cultural heritage and aggregation for Europeana.

It provides services, good practices, training, help-desk, documentation, updating on digitisation, standards, aggregation, IPR and reuse, multilingualism and terminologies, digital exhibitions, digital storytelling tools.

It's managed by Michael Culture.

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The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (EYCH2018) has been a great success and has strongly contributed to the recognition of the diversity of CH and of its role on societal challenges.

To ensure that the efforts initiated during the Year have a lasting impact beyond 2018, the European Commission has released a European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage.

Michael Culture contributed to the EYCH by supporting & giving labels to events organized by its members, organizing events, supporting the communication and dissemination of the EYCH, contributing to the Stakeholders committee and advocating for the values components of the CH, by signing the Berlin call and by its strong involvement in the preparation of Culture Action Europe Statement for CH "Fast Forward Heritage".

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Save the date | 13 January is the #CulturalDealEU action day

13 January is a #CulturalDealEU campaign day! Join our social media campaign to present and support the Cultural Deal for Europe! Throughout the day, Culture Action Europe will be using its Social Media channels to spread the demands of the deal widely, join us in this action!

This action Day is part of the #CulturalDealEU Campaign

Culture Action Europe, European Cultural Foundation, and Europa Nostra (representing the European Cultural Alliance) jointly proposed a Cultural Deal for Europe framework. This overarching strategy aims at placing culture at the center of the European project and mainstreaming it across all policy fields: from the green transition to Europe’s geopolitical ambition and from the digital shift to a value-driven Union. It focuses on both facilitating the contribution of culture to Europe’s sustainable development and providing the sector with the credibility and resources for realising its full potential. By bundling together both short and long term objectives, Cultural Deal for Europe is envisioned as a roadmap towards a more balanced, more comprehensive, and more inclusive European development model.

A Cultural Deal for Europe | Un Pacte Culturel pour l’Europe I Joint statement signed by 110 Networks including Michael Culture 

Cultural Deal for Europe is jointly developed by Culture Action Europe (CAE), the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), and Europa Nostra, also in its capacity as coordinator of the European Heritage Alliance.

More information & guidelines for the Action Day: here

Michael Culture is a proud member of Culture Action Europe (Board member) and of European Heritage Alliance


Save the dtae: Jewish Digital Heritage - New Frontiers
Online event - 26.02.2020 

New Frontiers for Jewish Digital Heritage is the concluding event of Judaica Europeana 2.0 project (supported by the European Commission under CEF program), organised by Jewish Heritage Network and Michael Culture.

The event is intended for a broad audience of Jewish heritage professionals and will consist of three sessions: on content aggregation, storytelling tools and funding and sustainability.

The event will conclude with an open discussion on the sustainability of digital approaches with participation of funders.

Agenda: HERE   Registration link: HERE.                                                         



January 2021-December 2023

4CH is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission (Grant Agreement n.101004468).

The 4CH project will design and prepare for a European Competence Centre (CC) on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage which will work proactively for the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage (CH). The project aims to start implementing the structure, organization and services of the CC which will operate as a virtual infrastructure providing expertise, advice and services using state-of-the-art ICT with a special focus on 3D technology

The project is coordinate by ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI FISICA NUCLEARE (Italy) bringing together 18 partners including Michael Culture Association

Read more about 4CH: WEBSITE

europeana dsi

Launch of the project "EUROPEANA SPORT"

October 2020 - January 2022

The project aims to increase the amount of high-quality content and metadata accessible under the Europeana Sport collection. The project will deliver almost 24,000 new digital objects relating to sporting heritage and improve more than 5,000 objects already available on Europeana.

Additionally, the project will hold a series of collection day events inviting the public to share their stories and memories related to sport in each of the EU Member States in which partners are based.

The project is coordinated by ICCU (Italy) and brings together 9 partners including Michael Culture / MUSEU-HUB.

The project is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.

Read more about the project on Europeana Pro: HERE




September 2020

Digital technologies are a decisive factor for the relevance of Cultural Heritage in the future.
Beyond responding to the public consultation, we - VIMM, CUT, NEMO, CAE & MCA - would like to stress some key developments and challenges that we deem central to digital cultural heritage. wish to contribute to the ongoing discussion a few additional ideas, which can be found in the attached Open Letter to the EC: Open Letter




Michael Culture Association | Brussels-Paris-Roma | Tél : +33 (0) 6 31 13 35 74 | contact@michael-culture.eu

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