Devoted to European cultural heritage valorisation, Michael Culture Association gathers a strong network of more than 100 public and private organizations from all over Europe. Key actor in the promotion and valorization of the digital cultural content, Michael Culture develops tools and services for cultural institutions and the general public. Linked to other major European cultural heritage networks and projects such as Europeana, Europe's Digital Library, Michael Culture Association supports European and national cultural policies. It also aims at enhancing the network of European professionals working on digital cultural heritage, through the actions towards the Minerva Network.

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Michael Culture Home Michael Portal

Through the multilingual MICHAEL service, people are able to find and explore European digital cultural heritage material using the Internet. The MICHAEL service provides access to digital collections from museums, libraries and archives.

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Discover the Athena Plus creative tools : 

  • MOVIO : To create virtual exhibitions
  • SchoolTrip : To create your own scholar journey
  • CityQuest : To create a quest online and publish it to a mobile app
  • eCultureMap : Global geographical interactive knowledge map
  • Urban Explore : Mobile app for touristic and cultural enriched tours

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Save the date : 23-24.02.2017, Barcelona
Free entrance – mandatory registration 

Europeana DSI Workshop: «Publishing on Europeana & tools to make your collection widely visible»

A two days European workshop to increase the knowledge and awareness of museums concerning Europeana platform and digital tools to manage on line collections.

Co-Organized by Michael Culture, Departament de Cultura and Generalitat de Catalunya
Collaborator: Ajuntament de Girona. Centre de Recerca i Difusió de la Imatge (CRDI)
Under the framework of Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) project

Draft Agenda 
Registration : suport.tecnic@gencat.cat

Recent activities

Conference Image and Research
16-18.11.2016, Girona

Michael Culture participated to the 14th edition of the international conference last November. This event was organized by The Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI) of the Girona City Council and the Association of Archivists of Catalonia, with the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Spanish Ministry of Culture .

Franc. J. Zakrajsek. - Researcher at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Slovenia and Michael Culture member - animated a workshop about Photography at the eCultureMap.

Download Report & Papers


ІV International Scientific and Practical Seminar
Kyiv (Ukraine), 24-25.11. 2016

The National Technical University of Ukraine hold hold the annual scientific and practical seminar, the forth in a series of informational and training events on the subject of digitizing of historical, cultural and scientific heritage.

Michael Culture made an online presentation of Museu Hub & tools, managed by the association (Project Europeana DSI 2 - Digital Service Infrastructure).


IODC16, 6-7.10.2016, Madrid

Preconference meetings 3-5.10.2016

ODC is a meeting point for the global community to debate and study the future of open data. It aims to build stronger relationships between open data initiatives from the different governments and establish a dialogue between these voices: Policy makers and Public Sector Information (PSI) holders ; Private companies, startups and freelancers ; Activists and NGO’s ; Data journalism ; Representatives of civil society from all over the world.

Michael Culture made a presentation of Museu Expert Hub on 5th October.

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“Culture 4D: Digitization, Data, Disruptions, Diversity”
29-30.09.2016, Tallinn

The 3rd Council of Europe Platform Exchange on Culture and Digitisation was hosted by Estonia.  The conference rationale is based on an understanding that the new digital and networked infrastructures should be used to reinforce access to and participation in an open culture, thereby strengthening democracy. The conference focused on some of the opportunities and challenges that are emerging in relation to digitization of culture and management of cultural data.
European experts & participants including Prof. Monika Hagendorn-Saupe - Vice President of Michael Culture.

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10-12.11.2016, Karlsruhe

Michael Culture participated to the 24th Annual Conference of NEMO – the Network of European Museum Organisations – “Money Matters: The Economic Value of Museums” in Karlsruhe, Germany. NEMO serves as a voice and network for museums and museum organisations throughout Europe providing them with information, networking and opportunities for cooperation.
NEMO and Michael Culture have developed a strong partnership since several years.

Further information is available at http://www.ne-mo.org

europeana dsi

Europeana : conclusions of The Council of Culture Ministers of the EU

On 31 th May the Council of Culture Ministers of the EU have agreed on conclusions on Europeana, highlighting that Europeana is worth investing in by the EU and calling on Member States to invest in Europeana. 

Press release and the council conclusions : Read more


Athena Plus International Conference : "GLAMs going digital ! Multilingualism, Creativity, Reuse " 
20 & 21.10.2015, Roma (Simultaneous translation (EN/IT)

Final event of the European project AthenaPlus, coordinated by the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries, which sees the participation of forty partners from 20 European Member States. During the event, the main results of this project were presented, as well as tools and opportunities for cultural institutions in the field of multilingualism, creativity, reuse.

In cooperation with National Library of Roma

Find here Agenda 

Michael Culture Association

 MICHAEL CULTURE WORKSHOP "Cultural institutions towards Europeana: opportunities, licenses and IPR issues" , 09.10.2015, Bologna

This workshop, organized within the Europeana DSI project, aimed at invite museums to join Europeana through the MUSEU aggregator, managed by the European Association MICHAEL Culture.

NEMO presented on this occasion his report "Survey on Museums and Copyright" published in August, 2015

Workshop organized In cooperation with  Istituto per i beni artistici e culturali della Regione Emilia-Romagna and the AthenaPlus Project
Within Europeana DSI Project

Find here Agenda & Presentations



Digital storytelling and cultural heritage: stakes and opportunities
edited by AthenaPlus WP5 “Creative applications for the reuse of cultural resources”
texts by Julien Brouillard & Claire Loucopoulos, Dédale (France), Barbara Dierickx, Packed (Belgium)

What is digital storytelling? What tools, devices and services are available? What are the recommendations and technical guidelines for GLAMs wanting to carry out digital storytelling projects? The aim of this publication is to inform cultural institutions on stakes and opportunities given by digital storytelling and answer to their doubts.


More info

logo Athena Plus


Metadata for the description of digital exhibitions: the DEMES Element Set
Version 0.9 (August 2015)

Edited by AthenaPlus Digital Exhibitions Working Grouptexts by Giuliana De Francesco (MIBACT), Arlene Peukert (SPK), Stefan Rohde-Enslin (SPK), Werner Schweibenz (BSZ)

A set of 30 descriptive elements specific to digital exhibitions, grouped into seven semantic sections based on existing standards.the seven sections, including the elements, are packaged together in a wrapper called Digital Exhibition Metadata Elements Set (DEMES).


More info

logo Athena Plus


Implementing LIDO
text by Gordon McKenna (Collections Trust), Regine Stein (Bildarchiv Foto Marburg)

A methodology for implementing LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects), and in doing so give help and advice to potential and new users of lido seeking to employ it.


logo Athena Plus

Athena Plus - MCA Workshop, Barcelona, 03 July 2015

Partners gathered  for Plenary meeting in Barcelona, in Palau Moja building.
On the occasion of AthenaPlus meeting in Barcelona, Michael Culture Association organized an open workshop: "Digital storytelling & Cultural Heritage for cultural mediation, Education & Tourism".
New technologies are a major opportunity for cultural heritage to pass from digitization and aggregation of content to the editorialisation of this content. Digital storytelling offers great opportunities for innovation, participation, inclusion, new economical models in the fields of Education, Cultural mediation and Tourism This workshop focused on those specific roles of DCH, in perspective with European strategy, thanks to European projects, creative tools developed under Athena Plus and a debate on European perspectives.

Program : download 

Report of the debate : download

View videos : Vimeo

logo NEMO

Michael Culture and NEMO start partnership

The aim of the cooperation is to strengthen the European museum sector by joining forces in the field of heritage and museum promotion, digitization and valorisation of cultural heritage, research and science.

NEMO, the Network of European Museum Organisations, is an independent network of national museum organisations representing the museum community of the member states of the Council of Europe. Together, NEMO's members speak for over 30.000 museums across Europe. NEMO ensures museums are an integral part of European life by promoting their work and value to policy makers and by providing museums with information, networking and opportunities for co-operation.

NEMO and Michael Culture share many common goals in the field of heritage and museums. The two organizations intend to develop a long term collaboration which includes promoting and complementing each other’s activities and sounding opportunities to develop joint projects in the future. 

Michael Culture Association

Michael Culture : Open Board meeting, 02.07.2015

On going activities, new projects  as well as perspectives were presented during the last Open Board Meeting on 2d July in Barcelona.
To note, the presentation reof the new project Europeana DSI of which MCA is partner, and the partnership with the Network of European Museum organisations - NEMO.

More info : download the presentation




Dédale | Paris | Tél : +33 (0) 1 43 66 09 66 | contact@dedale.info

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